Memories of a Realtor

The inspiration is essential in our life

15 years dedicated to music. 3rd generation of DJ’s and producers in my family. More than 1.000 performances all around the world. One prize for “best revelation artist in 2001”. Tracks on top European rankings for electronic music.

All of this thanks to the inspiration, the effort, the passion, love and happiness of doing what I love to do, however, after 15 years, there came a personal and professional turning point .

At 29 years old, I wonder whether this is the moment to bring to an end a career of enormous effort, lots of emotions, great dedication and for myself, a career of personal success.

It is easy to think: “ So if you are succeeding, why bring it to an end?”

Well, for me success consists in loving what you are doing, not needing anything else, being fulfilled, feeling happy and making others around you happy”
It also consists in your “work” not being a chore. The word “work” in Spanish comes from the Latin and it means: to torment, torture… and that doesn’t necessarily make me happy.

One day, probably one of those days I most imagined, thought of and finally carried out thanks to a whole career of constant struggle and effort and in front of 15.000 people in one of the largest and best known concerts in the electronic music scene, I decided on that magical and long wished for night that it would be my last performance as a DJ. I knew that night that my passion, my inspiration and something even deeper in me had come to an end.

Let me tell you a personal anecdote: 

My older brother, who at that time acted somewhat like my tutor or adult responsible over me since I was still a minor and needed authorization to be able to perform inside the clubs,
suggested that I should also perform during the week if I really wanted to continue with my musical career.
Most probably he did not do it on purpose but it was one of the best pieces of advice via imposition he could have ever given me.

In 2008, in one of those gigs during the week that also guaranteed my personal, work and economical stability, the seed of the REALTOR that is now writing this story is being sown. was from 2008 till 2012 my school, my job and my home.

Every Friday we had our weekly meeting. In one of these meetings during the mortgage and therefore real estate crisis, in a situation where nothing was being constructed and unemployment rising nationwide, Eduard, the then Commercial Director, offers us a new section for the bravest of us who wanted it, the section of “brand new construction”.

The constant murmurs, where no one was raising their hand and our continuous looks to one another wondering “who will be the unfortunate man to “carry the burden”.
Call it madness, unconsciousness, inexperience or whatever you please, but I raised my hand. I thought if this portal has many clients and I am the only responsible for this section, no matter how little buildings we build I will have all the clients, so I didn’t hesitate.

Thanks to that contained madness I have the pleasure to be the first New Construction advisor of the most powerful real estate portal in the country. 
Like everything in this life, 2012 finished and I decided to disembark in Sitges, my home town which has my heart stolen and where I have the feeling of being on holiday permanently.

At 29 and with an overflowing energy, I needed to channel all this potential and not waste it, I needed to find that inspiration that accompanied me through the years of my musical career. 
One good day the opportunity came to take over the area of commercial marketing in a local real estate agency, and there I went. I was happy and satisfied to be able to continue in the real estate sector, and on top of that in my own home town.

Those were 4 very intense years. The then owner of the agency, a British woman with the personal objective of an early retirement, had in mind the idea of transferring a certain percentage of the agency to me so my role would become greater within the organizational chart and thus slowly substitute her. But this was too good to be true and never fully worked out.

I didn’t let it become a problem to me, it was one more experience for me and I continued my quest for my What and my Why, searching my inspiration.
On a spring night, the mom of my son Cesc, proposed to me (knowing my entrepreneurial DNA) to offer a service to clients on my own. After all, “Frank” was “Frank from Sitges”, that empathic young man, friendly and with little similarity to a typical commercial agent who wears a suit and tie, a classic commercial to whom many clients would call to ask for advice, guidance or a simple recommendation on a location and/or their offers on hostelry.
I must admit and I do that the first time I heard my wife suggesting this idea I couldn’t see it very clearly, it was something I never thought of or even visualized, therefore my first reflex was an “I don’t know…”

The next morning, I decided to listen her and therefore happy and with confidence I began to visualize the possibility of helping with my services the clients that may need me.

After analyzing the market, studying the viability of the project and judging where I could really help, we decided to give life to “frankstiges Realtor”.

The decision was made and with a lot of excitement, so I committedd myself to being the best option for my clients. I studied from the best, started to train myself and understand that this sector was much more important than I thought.
 In the US the Realtors are considered like doctors, teachers, professional firemen and police, the society there acknowledges and in a certain way rewards with their respect the preciseness that is taken into account by an agent to be able to manage one of the most important decisions of a client.

Therefore, the first certifications started to come in. First the national titles (AICAT and API) to be able to exercise this profession legally, subsequently the international certifications (REALTOR and CRS certified residential specialist and GREEN REALTOR) that would take me to the next level.
Today I can proudly say that I am one of the first GREEN REALTOR’s from Spain as a specialist on sustainable living place, one of the first REALTORs from the area and speaker at real estate events all over Spain.

My approach to advising clients is very welcome by them. My ethical realtor code has an outstanding acceptance rate.
I advice my clients giving them reassurance in the process and avoiding the stress that could be caused in certain situations given the importance these operations usually have.

I represent one of the parties (seller or buyer) and avoid my clients having a conflict of interest. I collaborate with all professionals that could contribute a buyer (if I represent the sellers) or can offer a property (if I represent a buyer)
I have specialized in digital marketing and positioning, through funnel marketing campaigns. I can position the houses wherever the buyers can see them in any part of the world.

I take this opportunity to tell you that in 2019 I came out 4th in the national real estate marketing awards from immocionate 19 in their special 10th edition, probably the most important real estate event in the country.

As you can see, inspiration for me is part of my daily life and I have a very well defined reason in life, which is that in my family, we may continue to be happy.

For that I understand that I have to continue building a life based on values around my family, son and  Laura, my life mate who helps me to make a life of solidarity and gratitude where love is the main ingredient of this fantastic life that has been given to us to live.

Franksitges realtor.
Best regards
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